Chapter 10: In Conclusion

Above: Jackie Heuman of SculpCons Ltd, and Fred Brookes at the Merz Barn Wall 2017. Photo Hatton Gallery

For my part, looking back over more than half a century, it is extremely gratifying to me that the Merz Barn Wall is now recognised, valued and cared-for, that its future looks secure, that its management and interpretation are in good hands, and that it is in shape to live up to its place as the final full-stop in the history of Schwitters’ art. I hope that in putting this account together I have provided some useful background and gone at least a little way to set down the extraordinary story of this singular object.
And can I say in conclusion, that I hope this is not the conclusion. There is so much we do not have and do not know about the Merzbarn. If, having read this, you are prompted to recall information or sources that you know about, please respond on the contact page, so that our account can be made more comprehensive.

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